Connecting Middle School and College Mathematics

The Project

Past and present collaborative projects involve the review and employment of standards-based middle school mathematics curricula. The projects have established a strong working connection between a group of University of Missouri mathematicians and mathematics educators and have highlighted the need for improved teacher qualifications and viable recruitment plans. The (CM)2 project addressed these needs for middle grade mathematics teachers through the development and delivery of four foundational mathematics courses with accompanying support materials and the development and implementation of an aggressive teacher recruitment model.

The courses focus on algebraic structures and number theory, geometric structures, data analysis and probability, and mathematics of change. They are designed to provide middle school mathematics teachers with a strong mathematical foundation and connect the mathematics the teachers are learning with the mathematics they will be teaching. All of the courses employ standards-based middle grade mathematics curricular materials as a springboard to explore and learn mathematics more in depth.

The courses and materials were piloted in semester courses offered at off-campus sites and Summer Institutes. The program of courses provides a core that leads to certification for teaching mathematics in middle schools.

Dissemination efforts included Faculty Workshops at colleges throughout Missouri and a culminating National Middle School Mathematics Teacher Preparation Conference. The workshops highlighted the courses, materials, and recruitment models. The conference focused on recruitment and improvement of qualifications for middle grade mathematics teachers, showcasing the projects outcomes, and providing participants with the developed materials.

For further information, contact Project Director--Ira J. Papick

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