Connecting Middle School and College Mathematics

Related Projects

Show-Me Center The Show-Me Center provides information and resources needed to support selection and implementation of standards-based middle grades mathematics curricula. The phrase standards-based call for curriculum and instruction that engages, challenges, and prepares students for continued study and growth in mathematical skills and understandings, causes them to develop mathematical habits of mind and to understand and appreciate the role of mathematics in human affairs. The intent of the Standards is that students become mathematically literate, including being able to explore, conjecture, reason logically and use a variety of mathematical methods to solve problems.
Modeling Middle School Mathematics Modeling Middle School Mathematics is a professional development program using video lessons and Web-based Internet materials to examine each of five NSF-funded middle school math initiatives.
Curricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students Curricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students is a secondary school implementation project funded in part by the National Science Foundation. COMPASS assists schools, teachers, administrators, parent groups, and other community members and constituencies interested in improving secondary school mathematics opportunities and experiences for their students by providing information and assistance with the implementation of five comprehensive secondary standards-based mathematics curricula.
The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center funded by the National Science Foundation and located at Education Development Center (EDC) helps guide school districts as they build a shared vision of the goals for a K-12 mathematics program. The Center provides a variety of services and products to assist school districts around the country as they select and implement standards-based mathematics curricula. The project focuses on district needs related to the selection and implementation of, and transitions among three elementary, five middle, and five high school NSF- sponsored mathematics curriculum programs. The K-12 Center offers resource guides, discussion cases, a series of seminars, and other resources to help facilitate discussion and decision-making among various stakeholders within a district.
The ARC Center The ARC Center promotes the wide-scale and effective implementation of reform elementary mathematics curricula. The Center consults with schools and districts and provides information and resources to support teacher enhancement, leadership development, and public awareness of mathematics reform. The focus of the center is on three comprehensive elementary curriculum programs:
  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space (TERC)
  • Everyday Mathematics (University of Chicago)
  • Math Trailblazers (University of Illinois at Chicago)
The ARC Center is located at The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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