Connecting Middle School and College Mathematics

Summer Institute 2002

The Connecting Middle School and College Mathematics Project (CM)2 is offering 4 mathematics courses as part of a summer institute to be held in 2002 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. These 300 level courses will each carry 3 units of graduate credit and will be in the following areas:

The courses will provide middle grade mathematics teachers and/or prospective middle grade mathematics teachers with a strong mathematical foundation and connect the mathematics they are learning with the mathematics they will be teaching. Courses will focus on data analysis and probability, algebraic and geometric structures, and mathematics of change. Courses will employ standards-based middle grade mathematics curricular materials as a springboard to explore and learn mathematics in more depth. In addition, these courses and materials could also serve as an excellent mathematical foundation for individuals choosing to pursue secondary mathematics certification.

If you are interested in taking one or more of these courses, please fill out either the PDF application form or the printable text version. Then send it to Professor Ira Papick, Mathematics Department, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211. Participating students must enroll as graduate students at UMC (regular or non-degree). An enrollment form may be obtained by filling out a PDF form on the following web page The graduate admission application fee is $25 for US citizens and permanent residents. If the PDF forms are inaccessible, please contact Ira Papick at the above address for copies.

Applications will be reviewed beginning March 31, 2002 and applicants will be notified by April 15, 2002. Enrollment is limited, so please apply early.

Students will receive free graduate tuition and a $750 stipend for each course completed. All students will receive a symbolic algebra graphing calculator.

For further information, contact Project Director--Ira J. Papick

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