Connecting Middle School and College Mathematics

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What does your future hold?

Job? Major? Career? College? Opportunities?

Consider a career as a middle or high school mathematics teacher!

Choosing a career or a college major can be confusing.

The key to making a good decision about your college major and your future career is getting accurate information. Consider factors such as:

As an excellent mathematics student, we encourage you to consider teaching mathematics.

What do you know about mathematics teaching careers?

You've taken mathematics classes in school and earned good grades, but what do you really know about teaching as a career?

Market Supply and Demand in Middle School and Secondary Mathematics

Teaching is Rewarding...

...And you Can Be Someones Hero

Teachers make a difference!

Financial Assistance is Available

In addition to college scholarships, mathematics teachers may be eligible for student loan forgiveness or deferral.

The U.S. Department of Education offers student loan forgiveness or deferral for teachers that:

For more information about debt relief, visit the Department of Education web site at:

Are you ready to make a difference?

There are 34 colleges in Missouri offering undergraduate programs leading to teacher certification in mathematics. Consult the web site below for contact informational and additional details on a career in mathematics education.

Transform your strong ability in mathematics into a rewarding career!

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