Connecting Middle School and College Mathematics

Certificate Programs in Missouri

Below are listed some colleges and universities that certify middle and secondary mathematics teachers in Missouri. If you would like to learn more about their programs, please contact the person listed.

Public Institutions

Central Missouri State University
Cindy Ramey

(660) 543-4386

Lincoln University
Ruthi Sturdevant

Jack Behle

(314) 340-3319

Northwest Missouri State University
Christine C. Benson

(660) 562-1807

Southeast Missouri State University
Tammy Randolph

(573) 651-2774

Southwest Baptist University
Bob Glasgow

(417) 328-1597

Southwest Missouri State University
Yungchen Cheng

(417) 836-5114

Truman State University
Susan LaGrassa

(660) 785-7496.

University of Missouri-Columbia
Robert Reys

(573) 882-3740

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Rita Barger

(816) 235-5655

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Richard Friedlander

(314) 516-6350

Private Institutions

William Jewell College
Ronilue Garrison

(816) 781-7700

College of the Ozarks
Jamie Fugitt

(417) 334-6411, ext. 4257

Webster University
Pat Belshe

(314) 961-2660, ext. 7539

Lindenwood University
St. Charles, Missouri
Wojciech Golik

(636) 949-4701

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